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The Medieval Tournament Association

Bringing Medieval Tournaments to the 21st Century

Midieval Tournament Association


Reviving medieval and renaissance martial arts in the 21 century

Armoured tournaments are a martial sport in which two combatants battle with rebated weapons. The combatants wear different levels of armour or heavily padded clothes and fight in a hexagon or circular area called an arena. A good assault between two well-matched fighters is a fast display of strength and skill. The combatants throw powerful strikes and thrusts as each tries to dominate his opponent. At the same time, each combatant must guard his head and body against the other's strikes by dodging or blocking the blows. There are several ways to win a fight. See the Scoring a fight section in the rules. The action may range all over the arena as the fighters weave about or press forward to create openings for blows. Good combatants must be strong, quick, skillful, and in excellent physical condition. They also should have the courage and determination to fight in spite of pain and exhaustion.Armoured combat has been viewed as an extremely dangerous sport because of the possibility of injury. However, rules are in place to reduce the chances of damage to the combatants. Combatants must wear protective equipment and a doctor must be present at assaults.

Fight results and combatantís ratings and standings shall be kept and maintained on the M.T.A. website. Points are accumulative and will be maintained for the public

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